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EXTRACTION by jean-philippe chevaillier

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alt. Ouf!
Material: Fluorite, Stainless steel, brass
Size: 2.5 ft (750 mm) high

Size: 2.5'H X 2.5'W X 1'D

"Ouf" is French for "Phew". This piece was presented at the "Muga, The Mysterious It" show in Minneapolis and won, with my other work, the Critic's Choice award.
It best describes some of the work I am doing for smaller sculptures

"To discover and recreate the Dynamic out of the Static. A burl of wood, a block of stone, a chunk of metal, all contain the frozen energy that created it.... Searching means to visually extract that energy into spatial expression"

The stone that stores the energy is fluorite; the extraction elements are welded stainless steel rods and twisted brass bands.