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OCULUS ALTUS by michael bahl

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"Tall Eye"
Material: Bone, wood, steel, papier-mache
Size: 9 ft H X 2 ft W X 4 ft D

The unique aspects of this creature present many questions for which an equal number of theories may provide answers. The monocular (single-eyed) vision was heretofore unknown in the scientific community, but as in all of nature this apparent shortcoming is wonderfully compensated for by the enlarged acoustic bullae at the rear of the skull. These would have given the animal extraordinary hearing capability, which would allow it to thrive among the predators with which it co-existed.

With no indication of forelimbs, this was a true biped. This feature seems to confirm the idea of its visual and auditory senses working in perfect concert to achieve the balance and grace necessary to run at the speeds indicated by the form and alignment of its legs. The hooves would indicate an environment of prairie or grasslands. The beak was most likely a tool for digging roots, although it may have been capable of breaking small bones as well.