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WINGED by deb zeller

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as installed in Sioux City, Iowa
Material: Bronze

Winged was inspired by Chilean author Isabel Allende who wrote: "What is it to be a woman?...I am the goddess of fertility and the idol of temptation...I am the womb where life begins and the breasts that nurture. I am the arms that embrace you in love and hold you in death. I am the eyes that see the soul and shed the tears of compassion...I am woman, mysterious and eternal."

Prior to it's installation in Sioux City, Winged was installed in front of my home. Shortly after the installation a friend sent me this touching message: Deb, I drove by your house yesterday with my girls. Emma is 5. Here was our conversation.
Emma: Mom, I wish I had wings.
Me: Why do you say that?
Emma: I just saw an angle with wings back there.
Me: Oh, that's my friend Deb Zeller. She makes those sculptures.
Emma: Could she make one of me?
Me: Well I don't know....
Emma: Mom, could she give me wings?

Currently in a Private Collection in Sioux City, Iowa