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BRIDLED SPIRIT by deb zeller

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Installed in Bemidji, MN
Material: Bronze

BRIDLED SPIRIT was inspired by the horse Deb owned as a teenage farm girl. Each day, when she got off the school bus, her horse would stand in the corner of the pasture, closest to the driveway and whinny. He would continue to whinny until she quickly changed her clothes and came out to ride. The two of them would explore the countryside for hours on end.

But it didn't start out that way. Her horse had incredible spirit...enough to land her in her mother's flower garden and enough spirit to lose her under the clothes line poles. She found that riding him under English Saddle, with the double reign control, changed everything. The two of them worked in harmony. Eventually, she was able to ride him bareback without a bridle. This sculpture represents persistence, understanding, transition and mastery.